For the most accurate measurement of your x-rays.

We are a certified ScoliBrace clinic. ​​


Early Scoliosis Detection and treatment can reduce progression of curves and prevent the need for surgery.
Curves over 10 degrees are categorized as scoliosis and curves over 25 degrees require bracing.  Curves over 45 degrees can be considered surgical as they can progress up to 70 degrees in just a few months requiring surgery to prevent severe disability or even death.

For accurate postural analysis



SCP Chiropractic gives spine specific treatment.  

SCP Chiropractic utilizes the rehabilitation protocols of CBP (Chiropractic Bio Physics) for structural rehabilitation.  These protocols utilize mirror image postural adjustments, mirror image exercises and mirror image traction to change the shape of patient's spines back to normal. 

The normal (ideal) spine is balanced in relation to the forces of gravity so the nerves, muscles, ligaments and bones are not under abnormal physical stress.  This restores overstretched (pinched) nerves to a relaxed state, allows injured and/or overworked muscles to heal, and removes the physical stresses from the disc that cause degenerative disc disease (degenerative arthritis).  This allows for the brain to communicate interference free to your organs.

CBP is the most scientifically researched and proven technique in chiropractic today.  To learn more information about CBP, you can go to